2023 Fisher F19 11DD Metal Detector 




Fisher F19 Metal Detector with 11″ DD Coil

The new F19™ is unique among relic hunting detectors for its versatile function as an all-purpose treasure detector and also its high sensitivity to small gold nuggets. The controls, menu options and features are tailored to relic-hunting, including a sophisticated ground balancing system, separate control over signal gain and threshold and a unique discrimination control system. These features also make for a great gold prospecting detector, especially when the F19 is outfitted with the optional 5” DD searchcoil. .


  • FeTone™, Adjustable Iron Audio
  • Enhanced V-Break®, Tone Discrimination System
  • Notch Window with Adjustable Notch Width
  • Backlit Display (Backlight)
  • Manual Ground Balance
  • Computerized GROUND GRAB®, One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override
  • Unmatched Target Separation in Iron & Trash
  • Continuous Ground Condition Readout: – Ground Phase value indicates amount of mineralization – Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
  • Ground balance all the way to salt
  • Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Indicator
  • Large 2-Digit, 1-99 Numeric Target-ID
  • 19 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Pinpoint
  • Adjustable gain, threshold & senstivity
  • Uses one 9v Alkaline battery (not included) 15-20 hours of operation
  • 4-Tone Audio-ID
  • 11-Inch DD Waterproof Searchcoil
  • Ultra-lightweight Only 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg) Operational Weight
  • ¼” (6.5mm) headphone jack
  • Built-in speaker
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in USA


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