2023 Fisher F2 DD Metal Detector 




Fisher F2 DD Metal Detector
with 11″ DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

The sensitivity of the Fisher F2 has earned rave reviews from both first time users and experienced detectorists. It has found items as deep as 10″ in various soil types with medium sensitivity. Meanwhile the Pinpointing feature allows you to hone in on specific items. The Fisher F2 features a large control panel with seven big push buttons and an equally big display. The control panel is very simple to operate, making this an excellent detector for beginners. The light weight of the Fisher F2 combined with the adjustable arm cuff will keep you hunting for hours!

Locates hard to find treasures and saves digging time. Fisher’s simple to use design makes locating elusive targets easy in any environment.

Kellyco has sold and distributed Fisher products since 1975 and was certified as Fisher detector experts since 1984! Buy with confidence at Kellyco where you always get more for your money.

Frequency : 5.9 kHz
Warranty : 5 Year Limited
Total Weight : 2.6 lbs (1.18 kgs)
Target ID : 8-Segment Visual Target ID Scale Offers the Increased Ability to Distinguish One Target’s Conductivity from Another
Audio ID : 4 Tone Scale Allows User to Hear Subtle Changes in Target’s Response to Better Judge Conductivity, Size, Shape & Depth

Factory Included Accessories:
11″ DD Search Coil


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