2023 Fisher FP ID 2100 Magnetic Locator




Fisher FP ID 2100 Magnetic Locator
Target Identification System Designed to Save you Time from Digging Unnecessary Holes, Especially in Hard or Frozen Ground

The Fisher FP ID 2100 features a patented (TID) Target Identification System designed to save you time from digging unnecessary holes, especially in hard or frozen ground. Great for utilities, water work municipalities, and construction road departments to locate manhole covers, catch basins, cast iron pipes, septic tank handles, oil tanks, steel drums, well casings and more.

The FP ID 2100 can effectively locate valves and curbs up to 9ft deep, survey markers up to 8ft deep, and PK nails up to 14″ deep. The FP ID 2100 provides performance so controlled it can distinguish between a manhole cover and a close iron valve.In the Fisher Tradition, the FP ID 2100 is affordable, tough, and simple to use while providing maximum performance. A three year limited warranty comes standard with the unit.

3 Year Warranty: Fisher warrants the FP ID 2100 to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when it is shipped from the factory. The terms of this warranty are fully explained in a warranty registration card that accompanies the instrument. Complete factory and field service facilities support the warranty.

Warranty : 3 Year Limited
Total Weight : 2 lbs (0.9 kgs)
Submersible : up to the Handle Grip (30″)
Operating Temperature : -13 to 140 ° F (-25 to 60 ° C)
Circuit Board : Surface Mount Technology and has a Silicon Protected Coating


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