2023 Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector




Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector
with 8.5×11″ PROformance DD Search Coil Plus FREE Treasure Hunting Accessories

Stand head and shoulders above the crowds with the Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector! As the flagship device in the ACE line, it includes features that help users detect targets that would otherwise be passed over by other competing metal detectors. The ACE 400’s electronic pinpointing makes it easier to hone in on deeply buried treasure than using multiple devices at once. The five built-in discrimination modes allow the user to adapt to the conditions on the ground and its frequency can easily be increased or drawn back based on the type of target that the treasure hunter wishes to find. The best part is that the ACE 400 includes an iron audio feature to hear iron and avoid digging up bad targets that would give good but otherwise false signals.

What really makes the ACE 400 stand out is its versatility in the field. Garrett designed this metal detector to be useful on dry beaches, in fresh water, during competitions, or hiking over rocky soil. It’s perfect for picking up coins, jewelry, relics and can even be used for gold prospecting. Built with Garrett’s ingenuity, there’s almost nothing that the ACE 400 cannot find!

Total Weight : Weighs in at 2.8 lbs (1.27 kgs)
Frequency : Operates at a 10 kHz Frequency
Warranty : Includes a 2 Year Limited Warranty
Digital Target ID : Displays a Digital Target ID from a Scale of 0 to 99
Audio : Audio Emits Sharp and Responsive Audio using Pulse-Width Modulation
Discrimination Control : Modifies Discrimination Patterns with Notch Discrimination
Iron Audio™ : Iron Audio Lets Users to Hear Iron Targets That Have Been Discriminated Against
Continuous Coin Depth Indicator : Allows For the Determination of Target Depth with the Continuous Coin Depth Indicator

Factory Included Accessories:
Coil Cover
Hardware Set
Arm Rest Strap
Rain & Dust Cover
Instructional Manual
ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones
8.5×11″ PROformance DD Search Coil


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