Garrett CSI Pro – All Terrain Metal Detector




Garrett CSI Pro – All Terrain Metal Detector
with 5×8″ DD PROformance Search Coil, Deluxe Headphones, Tactical Travel / Storage Case and CSI Pro-Pointer

The Garrett CSI Pro is an all-terrain detector designed for long searches in any environment. Features Graphic Target Analyzer, High-Res Iron Discrimination, Pro Audio, Digital Target ID and a Continuous Depth Indicator, the Garrett CSI Pro’s waterproof housing protects it from dust, dirt, and rain and is fully submersible up to 10 feet. With a 15 kHz frequency, the CSI Pro has superior detection of small targets as well as gold, brass, lead and more. The CSI Pro is indispensable to any crime scene tool kit.

Warranty : Protected by a 2 Year Warranty
Total Weight : Weighs in at 2.8 lbs (1.27 kgs)
Frequency : Operates at a Frequency of 15 kHz
Pro Mode Audio™ : Emits Proportional and Tone Roll Audio to Hear Characteristics of a Target
Waterproof : Submersible Up to 10 Feet with Weatherproof Housing Designed for Dust, Humidity & Water
Digital Target ID : Offers the Ability to Distinguish Different Target’s Conductivity with a Digital Target ID Ranging from 0 to 99
High-Res Iron Discrimination™ : Able to Set Iron Discrimination from 40 Different Levels to Separate Good Targets from Trash

Factory Included Accessories:
AA Batteries
CSI Pro-Pointer
Deluxe Headphones
Tactical Travel / Storage Case
5×8″ DD PROformance Search Coil


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