Garrett MS 3500 Maximum Security Walk-Through




Garrett MS 3500 Maximum Security Walk-Through
Meets Demands of Both Indoor and Outdoor Needs

If you are looking for a walk-through metal detector that will meet rugged demands of indoor and outdoor needs, the Garrett MS 3500 has the qualities you need. With a weatherproof, overhead cap assembly that houses all electronics to prevent moisture penetration, the MS 3500 is comprised of heavy duty, 3/32” armor construction and is designed for maximum security settings of jails and prisons. The Garrett MS 3500 also features 20 application programs, LCD Display, self-diagnostic program, moveable display keypad, and ankle boost sensitivity.

Warranty : Protected By a 2 Year Limited Warranty
Programming : Provides Versatility with 20 Different Security Programs
Masking : Eliminates Masking Caused by Dissimilar Target Canceling Each Other Out
Sequence Log : Indicates Number of Access Attempts Through a Non-Resettable Sequence Log
Synchronization : Synchronizes with other MS 3500 and Garrett Products to Operate Next to Each Other
Control Outputs : Includes Solid State Switches (AC or DC) for Utilizing Other External Alarms and Devices


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