Garrett Recharge Kit (Super Wand / THD / CSI Pro-Pointer)




Garrett Recharge Kit (Super Wand / THD / CSI Pro-Pointer)
Includes Charger and (2) 9V Ni-MH Batteries. Charge Overnight (8-10 Hours) for a Full Charge

Comes with (2) 9V rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for any metal detector using 9V batteries. Not just a money saver by not having to buy batteries again and again, use with detectors using (2) 9V batteries or those requiring a single 9V (Ex: Garrett Pin Pointer) allowing you to have a battery in your pinpointer and another fully charged 9V spare to use when the first battery needs to be replaced especially when you are in-the-field metal detecting. Charger has LED light to indicate proper charging. Charge overnight (8-10 hours) for a full charge. Read operating instructions before charging.

What’s Included:
(2) 9V Ni-MH Batteries
Charger with LED Light
2 Year Warranty for Charger


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