GPL 200 Ground Penetrating Locator Metal Detector




GPL 200 Ground Penetrating Locator Metal Detector
A Resistance Indicating Instrument. Scans up to 22,000 sq. ft.

The GPL 200 is a resistance indicating instrument. Scans up to 22,000 sq ft. A charge is sent through the ground between any two of 4 receiving rods. A low resistance reading on the meter means you have found a good conductor, (possible treasure). A high resistance indicates a poor conductor, cave, tunnel or any open area. GPL 200 is capable of reading as far down as 100 feet. An extremely accurate meter and light indicator gives an immediate response to buried targets. Ground mineralization is of no consequence to Ground Penetrating Locator units. A few sample readings will give you the resistance of the soil. A fluctuation from the sample readings will indicate a find. Operates anywhere using a 12 v gel cell battery.

Factory Included Accessories:
12V Battery
Large Analog Meter
Four 105 ft. Wire Spools
Battery Charger and Connectors
4 Heavy Duty 18″ Copper Coated Rods
10x High Range / 0.1x Low Range Meter


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