GPL VIII (8) Ground Penetrating Locator Metal Detector




GPL VIII (8) Ground Penetrating Locator Metal Detector
A Resistance Indicating Instrument. Scans up to 24,000 sq. ft.

Almost like “Seeing” deep in the ground…Scans 24,000 Sq. Ft. The most accurate, easy to use electronic geophysical scientific instrument to measure the resistance of metals and minerals in the ground. Electronically searches and locates gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, iron, etc., caves, cavities, tunnels, underground rivers and streams. Successfully used by both professional and serious treasure hunters, mining companies, prospectors, relic and artifact hunters, archaeologists, etc.

If you are really serious about locating buried treasure, ore bodies, placer deposit, lost underground dwellings, caves, cavities, tunnels, etc., then you need this equipment! Search in easy 5,000 sq ft sections or increase area to 20,000-24,000 sq ft with 140’ extension cable wire. Depth range from 2-100 feet. Increased depth to 200+ feet, depending on target size. Extremely accurate meter as well as a Lighted Target Response to buried targets, i.e. Gold bars, coins, coin caches, etc. Comes with built-in rechargeable battery.

Factory Included Accessories:
2 Test Leads
4 Ground Rods
12V Gel Battery
Wall Battery Charger
2 Dummy Load Testers (Iron and Gold)
4 Spools (each with 140 feet of cable wire)
Complete Ground Penetrating Electronic Transmitter
Hard Protective Carrying Case Housing Measures 21x17x9.5″


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