Infinity Max Pro


Brand Mega
Depth 50 Meter
Made In Germany
Warranty 5 Years


Infinity Max Pro

  • Infinity Max Pro is in one multi-purpose multi-systems solution for professional treasure hunters that combines 3D ground scanners, electromagnetic metal detectors, gold detectors,s and geophysical devices in one package.
  • 12 Search systems that include all-metal detection technologies with the latest developments
  • Powerful probes and detection tools including : I.M.T.U , V.S.T , M.G.S and PS50,PS36,PS28 search coils
  • Modern ergonomic design that combines lightweight and aesthetics of look and suitability for long real-life use in the search fields and is made of high-quality materials, which provides the user with a comfortable user experience.
  • Powerful new 3D ground scanning technology via Multi-Ground Scanner (M.G.S) probe that guarantees more accurate results through larger area coverage and visualization of scan data on the device’s screen or on a tablet.
  • Multi Visual Analyzer app is a powerful multilingual 3D visualization and analysis app used to display 3D visualization of scan data as multi-color 3D graphics with tools that help prospectors to know detailed info about targets like type, position, and depth.
  • Enhanced long-range locator metal detection technology with improved detection performance, wider scan range up to 3000 m, more depth range that reaches 50 meters
  • 3 Long Range Locator (LRL) systems including Auto LRL, Manual LRL, CTRL LRL with a lot of options to customize the search process and visual indicators on the device screen
  • Pulse induction system through large PS50 search coil with performance-enhanced technology for more depth reach of buried metal targets and gold.
  • Smart detect a system with two modes via PS36 and PS28 search coils to find the smallest metal objects such as coins, small relics, and tiniest gold nuggets.
  • Powerful Geophysical system that uses a geological-electric measurement of ground resistivity by using wedges that planted into the ground, based on resistivity values the device can determine and locate different target types including cavities such as caves, tunnels, chambers, in addition to different metal types like gold, silver, copper, and others.
  • Special Tunnel system is used to detect underground cavities and structures like tunnels, caves, chambers, graves, and cellars.
  • An integrated feedback system that combines sound through audio tones, light via V.S.T LED Bars and visualization on screen or tablet to provide the prospector with a comprehensive view of the potential discovered targets and complete information about them.
  • A high-definition color LCD screen with a relatively large size (5 inch) that ensures easy to adjust settings, read numbers clearly and see results visually comfortably.
  • Modern easy to use program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, allowing easy adjustment of search settings, selection of search systems and search programs, adjusting distances and depths, and viewing results visually.
  • Infinity Max Pro is operated via an external lithium-polymer battery located in a distinctive designed box, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of operation .




3D Ground Scan System [GROUND SCAN]

It is most accurate and powerful search system, a brand-new technology system designed with advanced technology from Mega Detection.

Ground Scan system helps the user to scan the ground via the Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S) and create a 2D visualization on the screen of the device or a 3D visualization via Multi Visual Analyzer app for Mega Detection devices on any supported Android tablet device.

The M.G.S is equipped with four scanning sensors, which allow reading a single pulse accurately and very high efficiency, and is equipped with a very large number of ground induction spectrum, and it is the technology responsible for determining the shape and depth of the target, and therefore the device is considered one of the most accurate devices in determining target shape and depth accurately

Ground Scan systems has a wide options and settings that can be adjusted including:

Result Display

The user can select one of two options:

  • Device: in this case a scan results will be presented visually on device screen
  • Tablet: the scan results will be presented visually on tablet screen using Multi Visual Analyzer app.

Search Mode

It is the method of performing the scan procedure and can be set to:

  • Manual: if selected the user will record the measurement of signals in every point manually.
  • Automatic: in this case the device will record the measurements of every point automatically.


Modern Software Program

The user interface of the Infinity Max Pro software program was designed according to the latest modern software technologies in the field of graphical interface design according to an attractive modern design with a consistent color theme and graphical icons that present the search systems, options and settings of the device in an easily understandable way for the novice or professional user alike.

The design of the screens and controls has been taken into account the best guidelines of user experience that provide the user with the best possible, flexible and easy use of the device while providing ease of control to adjust the different values and settings related to the various search systems available in the device.

Search Systems Screen

It allows the user to choose the search system by selecting the search system icon from the list via the buttons on the control panel.

User can choose between 12 different search systems, which were previously explained in detail.


  • Main Electronic Unit
  • Smart Sensor
  • Wireless Handle Unit
  • RF Antennas
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


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