JW Fishers PR-1 Pinger Receiver Metal Detector




JW Fishers PR-1 Pinger Receiver Metal Detector
Highly Advanced Pinger Receiver that will Quickly Locate any Pinger Operating from 3-97 kHz

The PR-1 is a highly advanced pinger receiver that will quickly locate any pinger transmitting a frequency between 3 KHz and 97KHz. The receiver can be carried by a diver or deployed from a boat.

The Operating the receiver is easy; select the frequency to be located and scan the area with a 360 degree sweep. When the diver points the receiver in the direction of the pinger, an audio alarm sounds through the underwater earphone and the LED light bar flashes. By reducing the sensitivity of the receiver the diver can obtain an exact direction to the pinger’s location. As the diver swims in that direction a compass mounted on top of the receiver provides the precise heading. As the diver approaches the pinger, the audio tone gets louder and the receiver’s light bar flashes more LEDs.

If several pingers are operating in the area, the diver can switch the receiver tuning and repeat the procedure. The frequency is quickly changed using a control on the front panel. The frequency setting is displayed on a large, easy to read LCD (illuminated digital readout) as a number between 3 and 97 on the control panel.

The PR-1 Pinger Receiver is backed by JW Fishers exclusive, UNCONDITIONAL TWO YEAR WARRANTY.

Warranty : 2 Year UNCONDITIONAL
Frequencies : 3 kHz – 97 kHz
Material : Made of High Impact PVC
Operating Depth : up to 330 ft. (100m)
Weight : 7 lbs (3.18 kgs) in Air (4 oz. in water)


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