JW Fishers Side Scan Sonar SSS-100K or 1200K Metal Detector




JW Fishers Side Scan Sonar SSS-100K or 1200K Metal Detector
Best for Locating Pipelines, Logs, Rocks, Reef Structures, Large Propellers & Sunken Vessels

Side scan sonar is one of the most effective tools for underwater exploration because it can search a large area quickly and produce a detailed picture of anything on the bottom, regardless of water clarity. When looking at a side scan image it appears as if the water has been removed and the operator is getting an unobstructed view of the ocean floor, lake bottom, or river bed. High resolution images are sent from the towfish to a topside computer (included with the system) for display and storage.

Fishers SONAR VIEW software gives the operator complete control over the systems operating parameters. Choose between 10 different scan ranges and 8 color schemes to display images. Connect a GPS and position coordinates are automatically captured with the side scan data. Point the mouse on a target and the GPS position coordinates for the target are displayed on the screen.

Low frequency (SSS-100K) units have excellent long range (up to 600m, 1,200m swath) and produce a very good image when scanning with a 50 meter to 600-meter range setting. When operating a low frequency unit in the short ranges (below 50 m) images can be seen but lack the sharpness as seen in the longer ranges. In addition, low frequency units do not see soft targets very well (old wood shipwrecks, drowning victims, etc.). The SSS-100K is an ideal tool for large scale general search applications such as searching for shipwrecks, locating pipelines, rocks and reef structures, large propellers, planes, cars, etc. The range settings in meters are: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 400, and 600 meters (each side).

The very high frequency SSS-1200K side scan produces excellent high resolution images when scanning with a 5 meter to 25-meter range setting. The SSS-1200K is ideal for law enforcement and dive rescue operations or any operation that requires a very high resolution image. It produces very high resolution images at ranges up to 25m (50m swath). This very high frequency sonar can show very small, and very soft targets in high detail. The limitation of the 1200K is only it’s shorter range as compared to lower frequency side scans. The range settings in meters are: 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 meters (each side). The SSS-1200K is best used as part of a dual frequency system such as SSS-600K/1200K where the 600K is used for the search and the 1200K is used for making final close in passes on the target.

Warranty : 2 Year UNCONDITIONAL
Depth : 500′ Depth Capability
Display : Displays Sonar Images on Laptop Computer
Range : Up to 2,000′ (600m) Range on Each Side of Towfish
Storage : Store Files (XTF format) On CD, DVD or Hard Drive

Factory Included Accessories:
Laptop Computer
Fishers SONAR VIEW Software
500-Foot Depth Rated Towfish
150 Feet of Cable (Kevlar reinforced)


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