Makro Jeohunter 3D Basic System




Makro Jeohunter 3D Basic System
with 14×17″ Search Coil Plus FREE Treasure Hunting Accessories

Go DEEP with the Makro Jeohunter 3D Basic System Metal Detector. Using an exclusive, industry-leading Target Signal Identification System, the Jeohunter’s LCD lights indicate if the find is metal, non-ferrous metal, or a cavity. The Jeohunter pinpoints both single finds as well as treasure caches with ease as well as locating underground caves, cellars or tunnels. The Basic Package gives you the standard 14×17” Search Coil, enabling you to search deep below the surface. Find what others have missed with the Jeohunter 3D Basic System.

Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Frequency : 12 – 13 kHz
Battery Life : 4 Hours
Battery : Lithium Polymer
Ground Balance : Manual
Total Weight : 5 lbs – 18 lbs (2.4 – 8.45 kgs) (Coil Dependent)
Metal Discrimination : Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Gold + Steel + Cavity
Discrimination : Offers Non-Ferrous, Ferrous and Steel Discrimination

Factory Included Accessories:
14×17″ Search Coil
Carry Bag
AC Charger
Lithium Polymer Battery
Leather Carry Bag for System Box


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