Minelab Demo Underwater Headphones (SDC 2300)




Minelab Demo Underwater Headphones (SDC 2300)
Professional Minelab Underwater Headphones to be Used with the SDC 2300. Pre-Owned, Almost Brand New with Hardly Any Marks or Scratches

Genuine Professional Minelab Underwater Headphones. Not a “copy”, not a “Look Alike” but the REAL THING! These phones are perfectly matched electronically with your SDC 2300 metal detector, not only waterproof, but submersible to 200 feet. Phones have completely sealed speakers for each ear, comfortable ear pads (flexible) to create a perfect fit with adjustable non-breakable headband to fit each individual. Attention to detail even includes drain holes in each ear cup to balance pressure, no metal parts to corrode from salt water use, plus a very heavy-duty coiled cord with sealed waterproof connector for your SDC.

Includes : As Factory Shipped


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