Minelab GPX 4500 Device

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he versatile GPX-4500 has nice performance on all sizes of gold and penetrates mineralized ground deeper than all basic PI detectors.


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Targets: the best gold detector with high performance in gold discovery. coming with two coils and its depth up to 3 meters



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    The GPX 4500 device from the American Minelab specializes in raw gold, a superior ability to detect gold nuggets in the sound system, one of the most powerful sonic gold detectors from minelab, a device that combines accuracy and distinction, specializes in searching for metals and gold and determining their locations with high accuracy. Specialized with raw gold and a great ability to detect raw gold and veins of gold and sand gold.


    GPX 4500 Device

    Device Features

    The versatile GPX-4500 may be a verified gold finder with several options and nice performance. Incorporating Minelab’s superior Multi-period Sensing (MPS), dual voltage Technology (DVT), and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technologies it penetrates mineralized ground higher and deeper than basic PI detectors.


    With several options and nice performance, the flexible GPX 4500 Device can be a confirmed gold finder. It penetrates mineralized ground higher and deeper than simple PI detectors by integrating Minelab’s superior multi-period sensing (MPS), dual voltage technology (DVT), and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technologies.

    Minelab GPX 4500 Device now features 11 Mono ” and 11″ DD coils!


    SETA, DVT & MPS technology makes it difficult to hear tiny nuggets more clearly.
    Timings are much more versatile with the GPX 4500 Device. In addition to the four timings found on the previous model, there are two extra timings on the GPX 4500 Device: Enhance and Sharp. Similar to the Responsive Smooth timing, the Enhance timing is a good feature but offers an increase in the depth and signal response on small and large targets alike. Sharp timing is more appropriate for quieter soils and can help distinguish faint targets as well.
    Six pre-programmed search modes for the detection of quick switch-on-and-go. Hi Mineral; Hi Trash; Patch and Test A modes, in addition to General and Deep quest. You can change all six search modes with your favorite settings and rename them. Ground Balance Off for neutral soils, in addition to the previous model’s standard and unique ground balance choices. For deep detection, the ground balance circuit in GB Off is bypassed. This is a useful feature in low mineralized or salt-saturated soils, which are very benign. This environment in loam or sandy soils would also work well for treasure or relic hunters.
    Backlight with adjustable time-out for battery life preservation.
    The smoothest-threshold stabilizer. A fine tuner that gives the operator complete control over the stability of the threshold is the Stabilizer function. In quiet conditions, the stabilizer power will be improved and faint target signals will be more noticeable. Turning it down would give you a smoother threshold, enhancing the ability to collect the weakest of signals.
    Apart from the Volume Limit control, Target Volume prevents signals from being too noisy. Target Volume enables the frequency of weaker target signals to be increased. This is useful in windy weather, for people suffering from hearing loss, and when using external speakers to change the audio level. The Target Volume can also be used in mild soils as an audio boost and can be used in highly mineralized soils to minimize or smooth out ground noise signals. This is a strong function and will operate in combination with fine-tuning of the Stabilizer regulation.
    Enhanced discrimination so that trashy soil can be detected. The Iron Reject feature enables the operator, from cautious to aggressive, to set the desired level of discrimination. In areas with high levels of ferrous junk, this enables identification.
    Built-in amplifier so that you can more reliably hear soft target signals from deeper nuggets. A built-in audio amplifier is included in the Lilon battery pack, enabling you to use an external speaker without any external booster being needed. The nature of the amplifier and the use of low noise components of high quality ensure that the signal response is clear and crisp, without any boosters’ added background hum.


    Device program Functions

    • the most advanced technology to detect metal, gold under the ground no matter how small the size of the depth of up to 2 meters

    Status Search:
    • the GPX 4500 Device has been modified to add more different settings to suit the different possibilities during the process of research and gives a greater sensitivity to detect goals, whether small or large, and high accuracy.

    Six ways to search:
    • the GPX 4500 Device is available in 6 different types of research methods to suit all eventualities can be used as an amendment to these methods to suit the way your own research.
    • Automatic calibration of the soil: the GPX 4500 Device has the advantage of automatic calibration of the soil so as to ensure high effectiveness during the search process and all types of soils, whether rock or sand or salt or mud.

    The backlight of the screen:
    • containing the GPX 4500 Device screen backlight on to be able to read the information screen at night or in dark places quite easily. With the possibility to adjust the lighting to preserve battery power for the longest possible period
    Volume Control: provides the possibility of multiple choices in the control and modification on the size of the sound fits with the nature of your research is also equipped with the GPX 4500 Device filters the sound from external influences so as to ensure accurate results when issuing sound indicative of the presence of the target.

    • the properties of the GPX 4500 Device have been improved to be able to distinguish metal more and more accurately and to separate targets from other objects that may be overlapping with it provides the accuracy of the results.

    • The speakers are contained within the GPX 4500 Device allows the user to hear the signals goals more easily because the use of high-quality materials provides a clean and clear and Itoir noise or external factors.

    • Lithium-type lightweight, and lasts for long working hours.

    GPX 4500 Device

    GPX 4500 Device the best American gold detector with high performance in gold discovery. coming with two coils and its depth up to 3 meters.

    The best gold detector with high performance in gold discovery. coming with two coils and its depth up to 3 meters.



    – The main unit

    – Search sensor

    – 8-volt battery

    – The handle is two dismountable and installable pieces

    – Headphones

    – The instructional disc on the device

    – The device catalogs in English

    – The carrying case


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