OKM CaveFinder – A Version




OKM CaveFinder – A Version
Designed to Detect Cavities Such as Caves, Bunkers and Sepulchers. Built with German Precision, Backed with American Support

Cavefinder is based on an geo-electric method which can be used to find cavities in the target area. At good ground conditions it penetrates up to 40m of depth. Handling of the locator is foolproof and only designed for detecting cavities such as caves, bunkers and sepulchers. The evaluation of the measuring results take place on the spot. The display of the locator shows after a short time of calculation if there is a cavity or not.

Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Total Weight : 3.3 lbs (1.5 kgs)
Power Supply : 12 Volt Power Supply
Depth : Can Reach Depths of up to 131 ft. (40 m)
Detects : Geological Non-Metallic Ground Anomalies like Tombs, Caves and Tunnels

Factory Included Accessories:
Control Unit
User Manual
Carrying Case
Charger for Control Unit
4 Electrodes with Cable (20 m)


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