Simmons Universal Antenna Rod Metal Detector




Simmons Universal Antenna Rod Metal Detector
A Special Instrument Designed to Search for All Types of Metals or Minerals

The Universal Antenna Rod is a special instrument designed for the professional treasure hunter or prospector who needs an instrument to search for all types of metals or minerals. The power tube of this instrument is charged with a special mineral crystal load allowing the versatility for use in the search for a variety of individual metals or minerals. You just install a small sample of the material you are searching for in the sample compartment at the tip of the tube; then you can use it to search for a treasure or mineral deposit that contains that same kind of materiel. For example, if you are searching for gold, you will install a small sample of gold into the sample compartment. You can use this instrument to search for gold, silver, mercury, lead, copper, diamonds, oil, water or other substance. The lightweight, powerful instrument can be used to search for large or very small treasures.


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