2023 Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector




Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector
with 9×8″ Search Coil and Lifetime Warranty Plus FREE Metal Detector Shipping

The Cortés represents the best combination of current and new technologies that Tesoro has to offer. When Jack Gifford and Vince Gifford set out to create a new target ID machine they each brought with them different experience. Jack has over twenty-five years experience designing some of the best analog detectors that have been on the market. Vince brought with him a decade of computer systems experience. Together, they have been creating new technology that gives our detectors superior performance and keeps them easy to use.

Frequency : 10 kHz
Warranty : Lifetime Warranty
Total Weight : 2.98 lbs (1.35 kgs)
Search Modes : All Metal, Discriminate and Sum Mode

Factory Included Accessories:
8 AA Batteries
Bumper Sticker
9×8″ Search Coil
Cortés Instruction Manual


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