Tesoro Demo Outlaw with 3 Coils Metal Detector




Tesoro Demo Outlaw with 3 Coils Metal Detector
with 5.75″, 8″ and 12×10″ Search Coils. Pre-Owned, Almost Brand New with Hardly Any Marks or Scratches. No Warranty Included

The Outlaw is the first detector that comes with 3 coils in the standard package. It comes with a 5.75″ concentric, 8″ concentric and a 12×10″ widescan coil. It also comes with 3 lower ABS poles so each coil can have its own lower pole for ease of switching them out. The Outlaw incorporates Tesoro’s High Gain Sensitivity circuitry, which improves sensitivity to low conductivity targets such as gold, brass and lead. This control also activates the automatic battery check each time the unit is turned on. The Outlaw is a silent search VLF-motion discriminator which also features a non-motion, all-metal search/pinpoint mode.

Includes : As Factory Shipped
Warranty : No Warranty Included


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