2023 White’s BeachHunter 300 Metal Detector




White’s BeachHunter 300 Metal Detector
with New 12″ Search Coil Plus FREE Treasure Hunting Accessories

White’s BeachHunter 300 is the top of the line submersible detector from one of the most valued names in metal detecting. The new and improved 300 coil has near neutral buoyancy to provide excellent results, allowing you to focus your energy on treasure! Because the new 300 search coil is larger, you can cover more ground per sweep and go deeper than ever before! White’s easy-to-use discrimination system features three special, color-coded lights, each of which is paired with a specific audio tone. This unique feature will help you quickly identify your targets and know what you’ve found BEFORE you dig!

Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Total Weight : 5.7 lbs (2.6 kgs)
Frequency : (Dual) 3 kHz, 15 kHz
Audio : Piezo Headphones Included
Waterproof : Can Go as Deep as 25′ Underwater
Control Box : Detachable with Hip or Chest-Mount Pouch Included

Factory Included Accessories:
Instructional DVD
12″ Spider Search Coil
Penlight 8AA Battery Holder


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