2023 White’s TREASUREmaster Metal Detector




White’s TREASUREmaster Metal Detector
with 9.5″ Waterproof Concentric Search Coil

White’s Metal Detectors, one of America’s oldest and largest manufacturer of metal detectors for over 60 years is known world-wide for their “Quality Built to Last” metal detectors and extraordinary skill in developing Top Performance true Deep Seeking metal detectors…PROUDLY introduces their brand new (Made in America) metal detector, the NEW Affordable TREASUREmaster Metal Detector.

White’s TREASUREmaster (White’s Treasure Master) is an All-Purpose treasure detector designed to find silver and gold coins, rings and gold jewelry, Relics and artifacts, and other valuable treasures lost or buried. Use this powerful detector on land, on the beach and even go into shallow water with the waterproof 9 and a half inch (9.5″) concentric search coil. Definitely a real all-purpose treasure detector operating on a 7.812 kHz frequency bound to find treasures.

Outstanding Performance of the TREASUREmaster is made possible by an amazing number of intelligent features that help you find only valuable treasures while discriminating and eliminating trash and junk signals. You find more treasures by not wasting your time digging unwanted trash metals.

Customized Discrimination: TREASUREmaster has 8 rejection ranges to eliminate most junk targets, but now you can also set your own custom discrimination for targets you might want to accept or reject especially valuable relics or artifacts.

Adjustable Sensitivity: You can increase or decrease the sensitivity control to power your signals into the ground to search for deeper treasures, or adjust to reduce sensitivity in trashy areas or to smooth out your signals in heavy mineralized soils.

Automatic Ground Balance: unlike the preset ground balance offered by most comparable detectors, TREASUREmaster’s Automatic Ground Balance adapts to the ground conditions wherever you are hunting. Result? Increased depth and increased sensitivity to small valuable targets.

Know What You Find Before You Dig: Large LCD meter for easy reading delivers a huge amount of information to you in real time as you search for treasures… including Visual Target Identification Segments (what did you just find?) how deep is your target?, plus Audio Target Indication with 4 different tones to help identify your finds, and that’s not all!

TREASUREmaster has even more features to make your Treasure Hunting a fun and exciting adventure each time you use your detector… these features include an adjustable arm rest with strap, adjustable shaft for your height or any other family members user… a pinpoint feature that pinpoints your target exactly so you do not have to waste time digging large holes …”threshold” setting to hear the lightest deepest sounds of coins and jewelry … ability to add additional search coils if you want to expand your searching options… Lightweight for easy comfort when detecting… Uses only 2 AA batteries, and a headphone jack for silent searching. The White’s TREASUREmaster has it all!!!

Frequency : 7.812 kHz
Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Total Weight : 2.8 lbs (1.27 kgs)
Customized Discrimination : Has 8 Rejection Ranges to Eliminate Most Junk Targets. You Can Also Set your Own Custom Discrimination for Targets you Might Want to Accept or Reject – Especially Valuable Relics or Artifacts
Adjustable Sensitivity : Increase or Decrease the Sensitivity Control to Power your Signals into the Ground to Search for Deeper Treasures, or Adjust to Reduce Sensitivity in Trashy Areas or to Smooth Out your Signals in Heavy Mineralized Soils

Factory Included Accessories:
9.5″ Waterproof Concentric Search Coil


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