Fisher FX3 Ferro Magnetic Locator Probe




Fisher FX3 Ferro Magnetic Locator Probe
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Locate Relics and Artifacts with ease. FX3 Probe is dynamite in finding Civil War relics from the smallest uniform buttons and musket balls to the largest belt buckles and box plates. This probe can get into places detector coils CAN NOT reach. Search deep into thickets, trench formations, even between rocks! Find smaller targets than two-box detectors but has more depth than standard search coils.

Like other Fisher detectors, the FX3 is easy to operate; just turn it on and go. It weighs just 2.5 lbs (1.14 kgs) and features motion detection (the tube probe must be moving to detect a target). When the two sensors come across a large ferrous object, the signal tone increases in pitch and volume. When the probe is directly over the target, the signal becomes silent and picks up again when moved past the target.

The unit is extremely sensitive to iron with a large surface area, highly magnetized objects and long objects buried vertically. Large or small, if it’s ferrous, the FX3 is designed to find it. In addition to its industrial uses, this unit can be used by archaeologists and treasure hunters to find iron relics and other buried ferrous artifacts.

Kellyco has sold and distributed Fisher products since 1975 and was certified as Fisher detector experts since 1984! Buy with confidence at Kellyco where you always get more for your money.

Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Total Weight : 2.5 lbs (1.14 kgs)
Operation : Slow-Motion Circuitry with VCO Audio Output
Output Indication : Audio, 42 ¼” (5.7cm) Diameter Speaker or Headphones
Sensitivity : Detects Ferromagnetic Objects Only (iron and steel) Ignores All Other Metals.


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