Kellyco Demo Vulcan 360 Pinpointer




Kellyco Demo Vulcan 360 Pinpointer
Includes Belt Holster, 9V Battery & 2 Year Warranty. Pre-Owned, Almost Brand New with Hardly Any Marks or Scratches

All-new powerful and super-sensitive Pinpointer with advanced electronics and all of the features metal detectorists have asked for, and more! Vulcan has a full 360 degree detection pattern not only on the tip, but on the lower detecting shaft. Programmed for extreme sensitivity to pinpoint coins, jewelry, gold nuggets and even small hard to find rings. The 360 is extremely easy to use and fully automatic, no tuning required! Sensitivity can be adjusted to five (5) different levels giving you the perfect balance for whatever soil you detect. When turned on, the Vulcan will do a self-auto balance test to function at optimum depth.

NEW: Easy Twist Off Battery Cap with O-Ring Seal
NEW: Now Water Resistant
360° Side Scan Detection Pattern
Five Levels of Selectable Sensitivity
Built-in Pulse Wave Audio Indication

What’s Included:
Vulcan 360 Pinpointer
2 Year Warranty
Slip-On Belt Holster
9V Alkaline Battery


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