Nokta Ultra Scanner Hand Held Security Wand




Nokta Ultra Scanner Hand Held Security Wand
Designed to Find All Kinds of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Carried on a Person or Inside a Non-Metal Object. Choice of Standard ($99.95) or Pro Package ($124.95)

In today’s climate, the need for security in busy areas has never been greater. That’s why Nokta has developed the Ultra Scanner Handheld Metal Detector to ensure a quick and accurate identification of dangerous or unwanted targets. This detector was designed to provide increased sensitivity against metal objects with a fast response time. Security teams will be able to quickly and effectively move through lines faster with this ergonomic and lightweight device more so than ever before. It even includes an audio and a vibration alert system for greater customization.

Warranty : 2 Years
Voltage : 6V – 10.5V
Operating Frequency : 50 kHz
Sensor : 360° Detection Sensor
Battery Life : Up to 100 Hours (Alkaline Battery)

Factory Included Accessories:
Standard Package (1448-US)
Belt Holster
User Manual
9V Alkaline Battery

Pro Package (1448-US-P)
Belt Holster
User Manual
Carrying Bag
9V Rechargeable Battery & Charger


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