Simmons Precision Master Rod II Metal Detector




Simmons Precision Master Rod II Metal Detector
Built on the Same Principles used to Build the Original PMR, PMR II can be Used to Search for a Variety of Metals or Minerals

The PMR II was developed by building on the same principles used to build the Precision-Master Rod, together with improvements that make this an entirely new instrument. The PMR II uses in its power tube a powerful combination of mineral crystals, together with a radioactive stimulant. We believe you will be amazed at the results you get with this all-new instrument.

The PMR II is second only to the top-of-the-line PMR III. The unique two-hand bearing handle allows perfect balancing of the instrument for steady operation. To use this new handle, hold it as shown in either of the two pictures, with the power tube level. Initial reports from customers who have used the PMR II with this handle are very favorable. This handle contains two sealed ball bearings on which the instrument pivots so it can turn in a practically friction-free manner. Also included is a bearing handle for one-hand operation.


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