Cache Pro Elite Discriminating Probe




Cache Pro Elite Discriminating Probe
Ground Piercing Metal Discriminating Pinpointer with 2-3 in. Circular Area of Detection

Metal detectors are notorious for poor pinpointing. Pin pointing the object before you dig means a smaller hole is needed because you know exactly where and how deep the coin or other valuable is located. Less time and less mess. Once you dig a hole, the soil is disturbed and you are more than likely to lose any coins that are laying close by. The Cache Pro Elite pinpointer probe can then be used to scan through the loose soil from your dig.

Probe Length : 8″ Overall
Control Panel : Push Button Operation
Device : Ground Piercing Pinpointer Probe
Selection Mode : Audio “Ferrous” Identification
Technology : Microprocessor Controlled Circuitry
Battery : Easy Access 9 Volt Battery Compartment
Power : Automatically Powers Off After Period of Inactivity
Construction : Wear Resistant & Waterproof Probe Assembly
Lights : Five Bright Green LEDs Signal Indicators; LEDs also Serve as Battery Status


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