Fisher F-Point Pinpointer




Fisher F-Point Pinpointer
Locates Hard to Find Treasures and Saves Digging Time

Fisher’s new pocket sized metal detector is designed for pinpointing metal objects located with a regular metal detector. Locates hard to find treasures and saves digging time. The Fisher F-Point Pinpointer is an easy one-knob operation, it ignores most ground minerals and it can detect coins at about 2 inches deep at maximum sensitivity. Fisher’s simple to use design makes locating elusive targets easy in any environment. Hand-held detectors have proven to be extremely effective in locating coins and rings in piles of dirt and sand dug by detector users. When a coin has been in the ground for years, the oxidation often turns the coin’s color the same as that of the surrounding dirt, making it very difficult to see. If you are spending more time checking the dirt from the hole and continuously checking the hole you are losing very valuable detecting time. Instead of detecting more treasure, you’re spending more time locating a target that could be found very quickly with a hand-held detector.


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