JW Fishers CT-1 Cable Tracker Metal Detector




JW Fishers CT-1 Cable Tracker Metal Detector
Specifically Designed to Locate and Track Buried Cables Including Power and Communications Cables

JW Fishers CT-1 cable tracking system was specifically designed to locate and track deeply buried power and communications cables. The cable tracker will locate cables on land or underwater. The CT-1 will not only track cables, but also identify faults or break points that are exposed to water.The CT-1 cable tracking system is so effective that in many cases the cable can be located and tracked from a small boat on the surface as the operator holds the nose of the probe in the water. Power is supplied by an internal, rechargeable battery pack that will power the CT-1 probe for 6-9 hours. The included battery charger connects to any 120 ac voltage source (a 220 ac charger transformer is optional). The CT-1 is constructed of corrosion proof urethane and PVC to give many years of trouble free performance and the modular construction allows for easy field repair should it ever be necessary.

The CT-1 system consists of a shore based Signal Injector box and the Cable Tracker Probe. The Signal Injector is connected to the shore end of the cable and the Cable Tracker Probe is used to track the electromagnetic signal along the length of the cable.

If the cable is a power cable transmitting at 60Hz (USA) or 50Hz (Europe), it can be tracked without the use of the Signal Injector. The CT-1 Probe will detect the 50Hz or 60Hz signal in the power cable. If the cable is a live multi-conductor communications cable, the signal injector will not be needed, the probe will pick up the 1024Hz signal. If it is a dead cable, or a fiber optics cable, the Signal Injector box must be used. The box is connected to the surface end of the cable. It creates a constant current electromagnetic field around the cable at 25, 50, 60, or 1,024Hz. The operator selects the frequency to be used.

Once a signal has been induced into the cable, the Cable Tracker Probe frequency switch is set to match the frequency; 25, 50, 60, or 1,024Hz. The Probe receives the signal being transmitted and indicates the strength through both visual and audio readouts. First the cable is located and tracked on the surface, then the diver enters the water. The Probe is submerged and swept back and forth until a signal is received. When the probe is pointing in the direction of the cable, a null point is heard in the earphone, and less LEDs will illuminate on the display. As the diver descends to the bottom the signal is easily followed and the precise location of the cable can be pinpointed.

Warranty : 2 Year UNCONDITIONAL
Probe Depth Rating : 200 Feet
Cable : 150’ Deployment Cable
Construction : Rugged Construction
Operating Frequencies : 25, 50, 60 and 1024Hz


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