Pro Series II Gold Cross (Gold Only) Metal Detector




Pro Series II Gold Cross (Gold Only) Metal Detector
The Gold Cross Detects Gold up to 300 Yards Away and up to 70′ Deep

The Gold Cross detects gold up to 300 yards away and up to 70 feet deep. By simply flicking a switch, you can choose between gold or silver hunting (new gold & silver model only). This medium range locator operates by locating the resonance wave length of gold or silver targets. As you approach the gold, the tuned rods will point towards the target. When you’re directly over the gold, the rods will fully cross one another.

Perfect pinpointing, that’s why it’s called the Gold Cross! The Gold Cross only points towards gold (no nails, iron, or other trash). The Gold Cross also has the unique ability to determine the size of the object by use of the adjustable sensitivity knob, a feature lacking on similar long range locators.

What’s Included:
9-Volt Battery
Pro Series Transmitter
Pro Series Locating Rods with Rubber Grips
2-Coiled Cables for Attaching to Transmitter
Deluxe Custom ABS Carry Case with Foam Inserts


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